The Doctor's Guide to Sleep Solutions For Stress & Anxiety - Robert S. Rosenberg, D.O., F.C.C.P.


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Say goodbye to stressful nights lying awake and reclaim the comfort of tranquil sleep. 

Instead of letting stress and anxiety continually deprive you of a good nights sleep, take action! Reclaim your slumber with The Doctor's Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress and Anxiety. Author Robert Rosenberg, D.O., F.C.C.P., is a leading expert on sleep disorders  and is board-certified in sleep medicine. He offers targeted solutions to help you identify the stressors that deter sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.

You can find relief from your symptoms with clinically tested options and benefit from the latest findings on sleep disorder treatment. Removing the obstacles that stand between you and the restful sleep is the goal, and this book is the first step.

Insufficient sleep is increasingly considered a public health epidemic.This book helps combat that with these essential tools for a good nights sleep:

-Learn about current sleep research and read patients stories

-Understand chronic mental and physical issues that can disrupt sleep

-Find solutions for preventing and managing stress, anxiety, and other conditions that interfere with sleep

With the Doctor's Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress and Anxiety, you can regain energy, reduce your stress levels, and easily achieve higher quality sleep and better overall health.