Green Apophyllite with Stilbite and Mordenite


Green Apophyllite links to all matters of the heart bringing clarity and decisions to situations that draw on the heart energy assisting you to see all sides of the issue. It allows you to let go of the ego and releases fear from moments that you cannot control bringing long awaited healing to the core and acceptance to the self and others.

Stilbite carries a very fine vibration that is loving, nurturing and supportive that brings calm to the soul. It brings mental focus and clear thinking to inspire creative expression towards completion of personal goals. It releases an uplifting energy especially in moments of sadness and grief teaching you that everything is necessary and part of a greater plan, giving you the flexibility to break old habits and outworn thought programs.

Mordenite brings peace and serenity to the soul, attracting harmonious energies, calming the mind and ridding your surroundings from all sorts of negativity. It helps block unfortunate past events, so you never feel lost or grief from painful memories.