Crystals and Numerology - Edith Wuest and Sabine Schieferle


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Numerology is a surprisingly accurate tool with which to gain insight into our character, talents, and abilities.

While our personal numbers, based on our date of birth and the numeric values of the letters in.our name, are the mirror that reflects our inner world, crystals help us in the outer world to harmonise the energies we were born with. They are gifts from the Earth that we are offered to unfold our divine potential. Through their beauty and wisdom, they can help us be more in tune with our destiny.

The book explains each of the numbers from 0 - 9 on a numerological level, including their qualities and energies, and how they act on human consciousness. You will learn which crystals resonate most with each number's energy, discover which offer complementary energies, and find detailed descriptions of the gemstones' spiritual and physical qualities.

Together, numbers and stones offer a wonderful opportunity to find your own way, recognise your true self, heal, and harmonise with the world around you. Let the numbers guide you and the crystals empower you!