Crystal Healing - Dan R. Lynch and Julie A. Kirsch, PHD


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The crystal healing book you must read.

Whether you're new to crystal healing or have some experience with it, you should be asking questions: Does it work? Who says it works? What stones should I buy - and why? This book will help you find the answers. Dan R. Lynch has written many books covering topics in geology, rocks and minerals. Dr Julie A. Kirsch is a health psychologist who strives to seperate fact from fiction in the wellness industry. Together, they delve into the inner workings of crystal healing, from the chemistry of crystals to the psychology of the practice.

Inside you'll find:

-an introduction to the basics of geology and mineralogy

-a critical look at the most popular methods of crystal healing

-an examination of the science and psychology behind what crystal healing is said to do

-a description of common healing stones and the facts about their origins

Crystal healing helps you take an objective look at this practice in order to make informed decisions that could save you money - and your health.