Connecting with Crystals - Laurelle Rethke


Whether you are a crystal beginner or already treasure your own collection, Connecting with Crystals will help you explore all the ways these amazing gifts from nature can touch your life - from health and prosperity to relationships and peace. Each gorgeous page and detailed crystal profile takes you deeper on your crystal journey with...

-Beautiful full-colour photos

-The healing properties of each stone

-Their uses throughout history

-Ways to bring crystals into your everyday life

Plus answer the top questions asked about healing crystals:

-How do crystals work?

-What's the best way to select a crystal?

-What if you struggle to feel energy?

-What are chakras - and how do crystals connect to them?

-How should crystals be cleaned and cared for?

Connecting with Crystals is an empowering reference and a stunning visual showcase for practicing the ancient art of crystal healing!