True Angel Stories -777 Messages of Hope - Diana Cooper


"And then time seemed to slow down, the wheel was taken out of my hand and the car moved aside as if by itself...with the big vehicle passing me by at a hair's breadth.

How many of us have encountered a situation like this, where some unexplained force helped steer us away from danger and supported us in a difficult situation? In this inspirational book of true angel stories, Diana Cooper, her teachers from the Diana Cooper School and others share their personal experiences of the angelic powers. You will find yourself gasping in awe at some accounts, shaking your head in wonder at others and nodding as you read the simplicity of many of them. Exercises and visualisations will open you up even further to the wonders of the angelic realms. Touching, uplifting, at times funny, every page is full of reminders about how the angels can transform your life - every single day, if you ask them too.